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Title Programs

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SOES Title Programs

SOES is a Title School


Our TEAM is fortunate to have a School-Wide Title I Program!  Title I is the largest federal education program for elementary and secondary schools. The purpose of federal programs is to provide opportunities and additional resources that will help students achieve the high standards set by the district and the Mississippi State Department of Education.  Being a Title School allows our students, parents, and staff to benefit from various opportunities across the curriculum.

Federal Programs Implemented

Title I,  Part A:  Basic

Title II, Part A:  Highly Qualified

Title III, Support for English Language Learners


For the 2013-2014 school year, Shadow Oaks Elementary School will be utilizing Title funds to increase student achievement in the areas of  reading, language arts, and math.  These funds create an opportunity for educators to implement innovative strategies in Title Schools.  This will help our TEAM to improve overall student GROWTH!!!!  These additional monies will enable our TEAM to enhance our technological resources as well as to increase communication with our Limited English Population. 

The Title I Program @ Shadow Oaks Elementary School is a school-wide program, serving all students to achieve our annual goals in improving student GROWTH!!!  All students come to the Title I Computer Lab at least once every week.  We have an exceptional facility in which the computers, computer software, and the staff who run the lab are paid for with Title I Funds.  Your child may also receive additional help in reading and mathematics through our Title I Program.  This will be done through tutorials conducted by Title I Staff.  Our Leadership TEAM meets every month to review the goals of our school-wide plan, with the implementation of Common Core State Standards.  Our TEAM provides opportunities for our parents, students, staff, and community to give input, comments, and suggestions for improving our school-wide plan and parental involvement.  Our team starts from what we already are doing well and takes change of direction and focus for improvement.

 Our TEAM wants you to take an active role with us in helping your child achieve high academic standards.  Our teachers and staff are looking forward to working with you and your child this year.  The partnership between your home and our TEAM will have a positive impact on your child's academic GROWTH and success !!!  If you have any questions, please call us at 662-393-4585.