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Welcome to our class website! The year is going very well! The students are getting excited about the upcoming holidays. They are all working hard and putting their best foot forward in class. Please encourage them to stay motivated, and to keep trying their best even after Christmas. The skills will get harder in both reading and math. Thank you for help and support.

There is a newsletter in their folder every Monday that explains the weekly skills we are learning as well as including important information about things going on at school. It is also on the website. Please keep this in a safe place, either in your child's folder or on the refrigerator at home so you will always know what is going on in class. The students' behavior chart is in their folder as well. Please check to see what color they are on each day, and initial each day.

The students will have homework every Monday-Thursday. Please check their folder nightly for the work.

Thank you for staying involved in your child's life! They love you and appreciate you for doing this! If you need to reach me, please call the school or email me at!

We hope to see you at the Christmas Program Tuesday, December 5th!

Merry Christmas!