Mrs. April Ragsdale

1st Grade & Special Education


This is my family. This is my husband, Michael, our 7 year old Kaden (going into 2nd grade), our 10 year old Trey (going into 5th Grade), our 9 year old Emma (going into 3rd Grade), our 6 year old Talon (going into 1st Grade), and our new baby Joshua (he will be 6 months old when school starts back).

Welcome to 1st Grade!

Parents: If your contact information has changed, please email/text me with your correct phone number and/or email address. This will allow you to receive any updates
from DeSoto County Schools and myself.
The district will also be sending out messages updating you on closures, resources,
or other important information.

Parents, if you need anything,
please feel free to contact me 
(message me through School Status
or send me an e-mail at

Websites Used in the Classroom

CleverIncludes Imagine Learning (reading practice), Imagine Math (math practice), SAVVAS (math curriculum), iReady (reading and math practice), etc.

     Click "Login at a Student" in the top right corner, then enter: Shadow Oaks Elementary.
     User Name: Student's lunch number
     Password: Student's lunch number

     User Name: 00 then Student's lunch number
     Password: Student's first name with out spaces or apostrophes, all lowercase


Tumble Books (Lots of Read Alouds) (Username: UCDSB Password: books)

Storyline Online (Lots of Read Alouds)


            Welcome to
Mrs. Ragsdale's website!

Please look around to see all of the things that you can work on at home.

A Little About Me

This year will be my 3rd full year in Special Education, my 5th at this school, and my 10th year teaching. I have taught everything from pre-school to 5th grade, so I know exactly what your child came from and exactly where the student needs to be before next year. I’m excited to experience this group of students and to be your teacher this year! I especially love math and can not wait to share my excitement for the subject with you!

I believe all children can learn, and I have high expectations for all my students both academically and behaviorally. My goal is to create a safe and fun learning environment where children feel loved and can succeed. I look forward to getting to know each student and watching them all reach their maximum potential this year.

Additional Helpful Websites

Extra Practice

Read Theory
     Reading Passages with questions - Feel free to create a free account

Epic (Individual math and reading practice.)
     Student sign in code is DQE0091 to set up your own account.


District's Website for Math Help

Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Fun Learning Sites

Sight Word Practice

Various Language Practice

PBS Kids

A+ Math

Fun Brain     (Read Alouds, Math Practice, Games)

Various Math Games at Greg Tan Math

Various Games at Toy Theater

Various Games: Sheppard's Software

Science: Wonderoplois