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Shadow Oaks Elementary School


Parents: If your contact information has changed, please email me with your correct phone number and/or email address. This will allow you to receive any updates from DeSoto County Schools and myself. The district will also
be sending out messages updating you on closures, resources, or other important information.

Expect to hear from School Status frequently via
text messages or phone calls from your child's teacher. 

Parents, if you need anything, please
feel free to contact me or send me an email.

Welcome to Mrs. Clarkson's website!

Please look around to see all of the things that you can work on at home.

1) Read with your child daily. There are also a bunch of read alouds available on YouTube and various other websites listed below. Try even finding a video like Go Dog Go that shows the words of the book. Then mute the video and have your child read it. This will help not only with sight word recognition, but also with reading fluency (how fast your child reads in a smooth and natural tone).

2) Please open and/or download and print the list of sight words. Challenge your student to see how many words they can memorize. Minimally, students should have 50 to 100 memorized by the end of Kindergarten. The first 200 should be memorized by the end of the year in 1st grade. Ideally, they should have the first 300 words memorized by the end of 1st grade.

3) In phonics, we are working on letter writing. Please notice the forms we have sent home that has all of the "correct" ways to write the letters. If you would like additional copies, please let me know. Letters are very specific to which "lines" they must touch (top or sky line, middle or plane line, bottom or grass line, and worm or under line). Letters that do not touch each of the "correct" lines have to be counted wrong.

4) In math, we are working on counting and numbers. This is a great time to get them to help you do daily chores. "Please put 5 napkins on the table. Set up 4 cups on the table. Go pick up 10 toys on your bedroom floor. Etc."

5) See below for a list of available websites that your student can practice on. Most students know how to navigate the websites independently and can do it on a tablet or a smartphone.

If your child needs their lunch number, please contact me and I will send it to you.

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Clever: Includes Imagine Math (math practice) and Pearson (math curriculum).
     Click "Login at a Student" in the top right corner, then enter: Shadow Oaks
     User Name: Student's lunch number
     Password: Student's lunch number

i-Ready: Can be accessed through Clever

enVision Math: Can be accessed through Clever

Tumble Books (Lots of Read Alouds) (Username: UCDSB Password: books)

Storyline Online (Lots of Free Read Alouds)

Extra Practice

Epic (Individual math and reading practice.)
     Student sign in code is lpl0996 to set up your own account.

District's Website for Math Help