Ms. Eva M.L. Riles

K and 1st Grade Inclusion

Packets should be available on Monday, April 20,2020, for students who are not working online.This packet contains work for the rest of the school year.  This packet will be available at our school, Shadow Oaks Elementary.

Let’s Learn at Home!


Ø *Write upper- & lower-case letters.

Ø *Create words that begin with each letter sound.

Ø *Practice sight words – read it, spell it, write it.

Ø *Draw a picture and write a sentence about it (using sight words).

Ø *Read, read, read!! Talk about what the reading. Ask and answer questions.


Ø *Write numbers 0-20 or higher.

Ø *Count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s.

Ø *Use objects around the house to count, then write the number.

Ø *Identify 2D shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, circle, hexagon) & 3D shapes (cylinder, sphere, cone, cube, rectangular prism)

Parent Update

Parents: If your contact information has changed, please email your child's teacher with your correct phone number and/or email address. This will allow you to receive any updates from DeSoto County Schools and your child's teacher.

March 19, 2020

Xfinity Hotspots for Students!
This article provide ways for parents to access Xfinity hot spots for their children to access the internet if they need to do so.

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg

Education: I received my Bachelors Degree  in Special and Elementary Education at University of Memphis.  I received my  Masters plus 45 in Administration and Supervision at Trevecca Nazarene College. 

Experience: I have thirty-two years of experience in General Education and one year in Special Education.

Bio: Hi, My name is Eva Riles.  I am the Inclusion Teacher at Shadow Oaks Elementary School.   I have taught 32 years in General Education and 5  years in Special Education.  I am so proud and happy to be a part of the Shadow Oaks team.

Class Schedule