Jennifer Washington

Physical Education


Welcome to PE!! 

Make sure your child wears their tennis shoes on P.E. day! 

In PE we will discuss the importance of teamwork and how to keep our body healthy! The students will have the chance to work on several skills such as coordination, manipulative skills and how to work together. We will maintain social distance as much as possible during this time to keep everyone safe. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email  ( or call the school 662-393-4585.



I have lived in Horn Lake my entire life and I love the Horn Lake community. I have a bachelor's degree from Ole Miss. I have three amazing children. I enjoy jogging, traveling and spending time with my family. And did I mention we are huge soccer fans!!!

Let's Get Moving!!!

Shadow Oaks Elementary students,

While you are at home thinking there is no way you can stay active.... I have a secret! Are you ready??? You can stay very active and do most of the same things we do at school in P.E.  You can go outside with your family and take a walk, kick a ball together, jump rope and even hula hoop at home,